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The Art of  Mediation                                                            by  Bennet and Hermann

The Mediator's Handbook                                                     by Jennifer Beer, E. Steif

Mediating Dangerously                                                        by   Kenneth Cloke

The Promise of Mediation                                                    by   Robert Bush, J. Folger

Improvisational Negotiation                                                  by   Jeffery Krivis

Bibliography of Books for Mediation Practitioners                 by   Barbara Brown

Business Leaders                                                              by   Gita Piramal

Good To Great                                                                   by  Jim Collins

King of Capital                                                                   by  Sandi Weils

Over The Top                                                                     by  Zig Zigler

The Leadership Secret of Collin Powell                                by  Oren Harari

The Fifth Discipline                                                            by  Peter  M. Senge

See I Told You So                                                             by  Rush Limbaugh

Unlimited Power                                                                by  Anthony Robbins

The Road Ahead                                                               by  Bill Gates

 The 48 Laws of Power                                                      by  Robert Greene

Seven Habits of Highly Effective People                              by   Stephen Covey

Rich Dad Poor Dad                                                           by  Robert Kiyosaki

Seven Spiritual Laws of  Success                                      by  Deepak Chopra M.D.

Samurai Spirit                                                                  by   Burt Konzak

Mastery                                                                          by   George Leonard

How Good Do We have to Be?                                          by Harold S. Kushner


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Mediation, A different system of Conflict ...

Throwing Down the Gauntlet...

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ADR Links

American Arbitration Association

ABA - Dispute Resolution Section

Association for Conflict Resolution

Harvard Law - Program on Negotiation

Indian Council of Arbitration

International Court of Arbitration

International Mediation Institute

Judicial Arbitration & Mediation Svcs.

Law  Society of  England and  Wales

Los Angeles County Bar Association 

Los Angeles County Superior Court

Pepperdine Institute for Dispute Res.

Southern California Mediation Assn.

U S Department of  Justice - ADR

U N Institute  for Training & Research.

World Intellectual  Prop. Organization.

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