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 Mediation perseverance and Leadership ~ making things happen !


The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee, and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.  _ John D. Rockefeller

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MPL303 Young & Restless Moguls (Youth Peer Program)

The MediationJD, Young & Restless Moguls is a Youth Peer Mediation, Perseverance, Character and Leadership Development  Program serves youth in schools and school districts. It is designed to reduce and prevent acts of frustration, violence among youth and train them how their hidden potential can become realities, which makes them leaders. This is achieved through following five activities:

Student Peer Mediation  

Conflict Resolution Education  

Character and Leadership building

Parent Education Seminars 

Teacher and Faculty Training

The program offers an intensive 35 hours Youth Peer Training and holds a graduation and recognition event for students and volunteers participating in the program. Additionally, the program offers ongoing dispute resolution consulting and training services for schools, educational and other organizations, youth groups and families.

Five  days of breakthrough experiences in living the leadership needed for a successful education, personal and family life. Students have new, powerful experiences in living from the ten attributes "Young & Restless Moguls at an extraordinary level. They will bring courage, personal responsibility, trust,  commitment, focus, abundance, contribution, honor,  knowledge, and  Integrity into their power of mediation and leadership.

These are the eleven attributes we believe are necessary for significant growth and long term success that will help your team become the powerful result-producing group you know it can be.

When I was a child growing up I saw two types of people: Those who were kind and caring but couldn't make anything happen. Those who were self-centered calloused jerks who did make things happen.

It didn't seem fair. It isn't. It's also life. When I grew up and got in business I found it the same. Our goal is to produce leaders who are both flat out kick butt warriors who solve problems and who are also service and compassion oriented (whether it's making a lot of money in network marketing or making a family work in today's world. The student experiences the eleven attributes of a Young & Restless Mogul . What would it be worth to have  teachers, parents with the following attributes?

Young & Restless Mogul
  1. Courage: Where a person is not intimidated by problems, overwhelming amounts of information, negative people or anything else. Instead of shrinking from obstacles they embrace them.
  2. Personally Responsible: Where they do not blame their peers, the schools, or circumstances.for their lack of success. 
  3. Trust: When you ask or tell them to do something they do it. They trust their peers leadership. They also trust themselves. They also trust the school. They see the value of trust and are willing to operate from that place despite it's risks.
  4. Honesty: Radical honesty with oneself is key to being responsible and accountable. Many people compromise honesty when the results aren't there, they fail to tell the truth thinking it will hurt them. Then the wrong adjustments are made because of inaccurate information. People will tell the truth to themselves and to others even though it may be uncomfortable.
  5. Commitment: Keeping your word, period. Most people keep their word when it is convenient. Say what you mean, do what you say. This is the foundation of any long lasting, successful business relationship.
  6. Focus: They will not be distracted by the temptations of busywork. It is productivity versus activity. They know the critical activities to make their business really effective and reduce stress. They will do them.
  7. Abundance: They will operate from an abundant mindset about money, opportunity, time, etc. They will not come from scarcity, where they can't get thahortages.
  8. Contribution: They will work from service and contribution. They will look to contribute to the community, fellow students, family members  and anyone they are in contact with. This creates big picture vs. what's in it for me approach.
  9. Honor: Loyal to themselves, friends and their peers. They will not dishonor themselves, their team members, their teachers, coach,or parents by unethical or embarrassing behavior. They will embrace self-honoring practices that lead to success, such as doing a job with excellence or going the extra mile.
  10. Knowledge: Committed to improving their knowledge about the industry, people, technology, leadership skills, and anything else that would forward themselves and others.
  11. Integrity:
The "Youth Peer Program is a revelation and breakthrough experience where you experience the eleven attributes of a "Young & Restless Mogul, a perfect master in Mediation and Leadership.

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