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 Mediation perseverance and Leadership ~ Making Things Happen !

The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee, and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.”  _ John D. Rockefeller

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MPL302 – Master Moguls

This three days workshop is a revelation for Institutions, Corporations and Professional Associations. it is a "million dollar formula for  "Success"   module. It is designed to:

  • Increase your income.
  • Close more clients instead of simply informing them.
  • Connect with more people and increase your client base.
  • Create more action instead of simply telling them what to do.
  • Triple the effectiveness of coaching .
  • Turn users of your training into mediation business builders.
  • Better your marriage, parent child relationships or any significant relationship.
  • Reduce your stress while you increase results-including a technique to get rid of a migraine headache in four minutes without drugs.
  • Dramatically expand your wealth consciousness.
  • Quit procrastinating.
  • Love yourself more.
  • Be a bigger contribution to others.
  • Lose weight or better your health.
  • Increase your own spiritual walk no matter what your religion.
The Master Moguls  workshop is usually held in a hotel in locations all over the world. They are normally sponsored by a community leaders, corporation, social agencies and public and private associations and organizations. You will receive a workbook, and several other class materials.

Seminar Details

Friday:  12 p.m. to 6 p.m..
The associate is familiarized with the idea of subconscious belief systems or programs and how they drive their decisions. They see the incredible amount of change possible by revelations in their belief systems. The MediationJD does not try and teach people or change them (which doesn't work or last). The facilitator supports the associate in looking for and discovering their belief systems in a variety of inter-active games and exercises. By the end of the evening, the associate is well practiced in discovering their belief systems and eager to go exploring. The revelation process of the seminar is the most valuable aspect. This is why it cannot be done with books or tapes. It is not learning, but discovery.

Three techniques the associate will receive Friday night are:
  • How to "Be With" the clients instead of being with their script. This is a new way to communicate (listen) and this connection dramatically increases their effectiveness in both the number of prospects reached and the percentage they bring into using the products or join the business opportunity. What is the dollar value to you if you increase the number of clients.?
  • How to get the equivalent of three hours of sleep in 20 minutes. Many associates do not have any energy left after their regular job for their family let alone their business. What would this be worth? You will know by your experience the next day that it works, not because we tell you that it works.
  • How to communicate so that others do what you want to do AND they want to do it. This instantly increases the amount of people you actually close into the business opportunity.
Saturday:  9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
There are breaks every couple hours and a meal break of approximately an hour and fifteen minutes midday. Bring snacks for the breaks. Most people have a paradigm where they can produce results if everything lines up. In other words, the associate can produce if they have a good sponsor who never quits the business, interest rates stay the same, there never is a compensation plan change, prospects are cooperative, etc. Good luck! Your odds are better in a casino. Most people can have a great relationship if the other person would only behave a certain way. It's not going to happen! Most of Saturday is about how do you produce results regardless of circumstances. That's powerful! This is a unique set of belief systems, different than 95% of humanity has.

And the end of Saturday you take a reality test. It is not a written test but a game. It is a test of what your real paradigms or subconscious beliefs are versus what you think they are. This is so impacting most graduates say they would pay 10 times the cost of the seminar for this one exercise.

Specific skills the associate will take away from Saturday:
  • How to produce results regardless of the circumstances.
  • An experience in how to create “structural tension” or “generative energy” without creating stress
  • Increased willingness to offer and receive feedback between students, teachers, mentors and managers without shutting down, better equipped to give honest coaching
  • An experience to separate where they are from who they are. “They will realize they are NOT their behavior.
  • A completely new perspective of Win / Win
  • They will be more responsible for their own success, less victim to changes.

Sunday:  9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
After debriefing the reality test from the night before the associates explore their paradigms or beliefs around love. This may sound strange if attending for your business. However, do your beliefs around love have a tremendous influence on how you do business as well as your personal relationships? What if you could double your capacity to love this weekend? What would that be worth as a spouse? As a parent? To be able to love yourself twice as much?

Sunday afternoon you work on procrastination in an experiential way. Everyone knows they shouldn't procrastinate, but we don't do what we know, but what our beliefs tell us to do. How much would your business increase if you procrastinated 50% less? Is that worth a weekend of your time?

Specific Skills to take away from Sunday

  • Heightened state of activity.
  • Commitment to make a difference with their business will be higher than their fears of rejection or failure.
  • Participants will make immediate changes in how they do their business.

** For Group Discounts and Early Bird rates: Contact at info@MediationJD.com or Telephone: 310-544-1434

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