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 Mediation and professional Ethics ~ the character Does count !

The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee, and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.”  _ John D. Rockefeller

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MPE203 – Here Comes Colonel Compliance

MediationJD has developed innovative ethics and compliance programs for high profiles companies, associations and small businesses in diverse fields. Many of these employ the talents create complex and entertaining interactive scenarios. Among the special programs developed for business groups are those covering:

  • Government & Non-Government Organizations
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Maintenance Organizations
  • Institutions & Human Resources
  • Product development & Intellectual Property
  • Travel & Tourism Industries

Colonel Compliance (or his close relatives, Count Accountability and The Ethics Avenger) will put an unexpected charge into any corporate retreat, convention, or meeting. A routinely boring power-point ethics presentation by a company executive is disrupted when the mysterious and flamboyantly attired Colonel Compliance arrives from the Compliance planet. Threatening instant vaporization if those assembled do not demonstrate sound ethical instincts, the caped super-hero converts the session into an episode of the Twilight Zone that presents several complex ethics problems. The audience votes on various options, and the Colonel leads participants in lively and revealing discussions. Ultimately satisfied with the responses, he returns to the Compliance planet.

Adapted to the ethics issues of various industries, the Colonel Compliance program has been the most popular and frequently requested of all “MediationJD” seminars It has received a uniformly ecstatic response from groups of all disciplines, ages, management level and job responsibilities.

There are numerous Colonel Compliance programs, ranging from one to three hours and any time in between. “MediationJD” can customize them to your company, agency, non-profit or association, providing dynamic ethics and compliance training that will be as entertaining as it is effective.


**For Group Discounts and Early Bird rates: Contact at info@MediationJD.com or Call: 310-544-1434


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